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The Wellness Brothers have been working on an all NEW LOOK and FEEL of DSM's big brother LEAN95. In anticipation of the new version - which is due toward the end of July 2017

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BCAA’s - Amino Complex

Dhs. 200.00

PEAC - FITNESS FUEL - Pre, Intra & Post-Workout   About PEAC PEAC is a Precision Essential Amino Acid Complex. The crystalline free form amino acids do not need to undergo digestion and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. These amino acids...

Great Tasting 91kcal Shake

Dhs. 200.00

THE ALL-NEW EASY SHAKE - TASTE IT AND SEE!  Just 91 calories! The NEW EASY SHAKE is exactly that - NEW and super easy to take because of its FANTASTIC TASTE! The EASY SHAKE is the newest addition to the...

Low Calorie Meal Replacement - A blend of 55 fruits

Dhs. 230.00

THE NATURAL, FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SHAKE  Additional Promotion: When you buy one DSM 750, we will ship you another for free! Note: The additional product won't show up in your cart.  The DSM750 Shake is an all-natural meal-replacement and meal-reducer. Formulated...